Why I'm Running

I’m running in Georgia's election for the U. S. Senate to bring to Washington the fight to fulfill our social rights and remove the remaining obstacles to equal opportunity. We must make our nation truly righteous by enacting a social bill of rights benefitting us all. Our failure to do so has left family welfare in jeopardy and intensified economic insecurity and inequality to such a degree as to threaten the very existence of rule by, for, and of the people. On November 3rd, let's set the course to unchain our democracy and forge a new birth of freedom. We have no time to lose.

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Meet Richard

A philosopher, educator, husband, father, and union member, Richard Dien Winfield has devoted his work to addressing the fundamental problems of our society. In his philosophical writing, he has focused on conceiving what our institutions of freedom should be. In his social engagements, he has sought to put these ideas into practice. Seeing too many Americans denied dignity and economic security, Richard has supported striking workers, organized sugarcane laborers, and joined unionizing efforts at UGA, where he has taught for 37 years, inspiring students to seek truth and justice. In 2018, Richard ran for Congress in Georgia's 10th District, advancing a bold social rights platform, anchored in a Federal Job Guarantee.

Richard knows that the 2020 elections are the most important in our lifetime, for now, more than ever, we must fulfill our social rights and unchain our democracy. The time for solutions has come, for we CAN enact laws that guarantee jobs at a fair wage and level the playing field between employee and employer, that help us balance work and family, that combat our climate crisis with a Green New Deal, that give us all access to quality healthcare, education, housing, and legal representation, and that finally overcome the disadvantages people face based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Fighting for a New Social Bill of Rights

1. Guaranteed jobs at fair wages starting at $20/hr, with equivalent replacement income for the disabled and retirees

So that unemployment and poverty income are eliminated, with a Federal Job Guarantee enabling anyone who wants a job to get employment furnishing the public goods and services we need while earning a decent living keeping pace with inflation and national prosperity.

2. A Green New Deal and Super Medicare for All

So that we all can enjoy a healthy environment and quality health care with no copays or deductibles

3. Paid family leave, free child care & elder care, and child allowances

So that no one has to make sacrifices to balance family and work and no child lives in poverty.

4. Worker empowerment & collective bargaining

Where employees have a say in the decisions that shape their lives, thanks to unionization and seats on corporate boards.

5. Legal Care for All

So that all persons can protect their rights under the law with public insurance fully covering personal civil and criminal legal counsel provided by any lawyer of their choosing.

Make America Righteous and Unchain Our Democracy

It is not enough to be a great global power. We can make America righteous by fullfilling all our social rights. Let's make history together this November and secure justice for all.