Issues & Priorities

Guaranteed Jobs || Employee Empowerment || Balancing Family and Work || Racial and Gender Justice || Green New Deal || Super Medicare for All || Reproductive Freedom || LGBTQ Equality || Immigration Reform || Decent Housing for All || Genuine Educational Opportunity || Internet Access || Campaign Finance Reform || Fulfill Our Right to the Arts || Legal Care for All || Foreign Policy || How We Pay For it

A New Social Bill of Rights

Taking up the unfinished business of the civil rights movement, let's legislate the policies needed to secure family welfare, end social disadvantage, and unchain our democracy! If we had followed these policies, we could have contained the Coronavirus pandemic with fewer deaths and less economic harm. Now we must implement them to diminish the toll of death and destitution and come out of this crisis a more just and freer nation than ever before.

Guarantee Jobs at Fair Wages

Guarantee that anyone who wants a job can get one at a fair wage (with equal pay), through a federal job guarantee where our government offers full employment that produces goods and services that our national, state, and local communities need. That way workers and businesses can prosper.

Level the Playing Field between Employer & Employees with Implementation of an Employee Bill of Rights

Ensure a fair say for employees by requiring that they fill half the seats on corporate boards and secure collective bargaining so workers have a say in decisions concerning work conditions, outsourcing, automation, and enforcing equal pay for equal work.

Enable People to Balance Family & Work

Provide paid family leave, free child care and elder care, and $900 monthly child allowances so that no one has to make sacrifices to balance family and work - especially women, who bear a disproportionate burden. Family responsibilities shouldn't hamper women's economic opportunity.

End racial and gender disadvantage once and for all

Follow in the footsteps of the Poor People's Campaign and remedy the systemic perpetuation of racial and gender injustice, rectifying government policies that reinforce racial and gender disempowerment and income and wealth gaps.

Implement a Green New Deal to Overcome Our Climate Emergency and Safeguard the Environment

Recognize and enforce our basic social right to a healthy and safe environment, and replace fossil fuel consumption and production with green energy systems.

Extend Super Medicare to All

Eliminate copays, deductibles, and prescription medicine charges, allowing everyone to get the physical, mental, and dental health care they need while reducing administrative costs by simplifying reimbursements.

Ensure Genuine Reproductive Freedom

Not only protect the right to abortion and an individual's ownership over her own body, but also provide free contraceptives and day-after pills for anyone who needs them, and ensure that parents have sufficient resources to raise the children they want to have.

Secure Equal Rights For LGBTQ & Non-Binary Individuals, Once & For All

Establish protections that enforce equal rights for LGBTQ & Non-Binary persons in the workplace, in healthcare, family life, the military, schools, immigration, and more.

Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Provide immediate legal status with ability to work and travel home, with a path to permanent residence and then citizenship, to undocumented persons who have been in the US for more than one year.

Guarantee Affordable Housing

Offer eviction, foreclosure, and utilities protection with mandatory payment rescheduling, while ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing.

Guarantee Quality Education at All Levels

Ensure that access to education does not depend on personal wealth or location by affording equal access to resources, higher teacher salaries, and free technical training and public college.

Guarantee Affordable Internet Access

Provide broadband for residents in all areas, rural and urban, and re-establish net neutrality.

Institute Campaign Finance Reform

Overturn Citizens United and implement public financing of elections that ensures candidates have a means to support themselves, so no one's financial situation bars them from running for office.

Guarantee Everyone the Opportunity to Participate in and Have Access to the Arts

To fulfill our right to the arts, we must ensure livelihoods for artists and cultural workers as part of the Federal Job Guarantee, create inclusive access to the arts as both audience and creators, provide high-quality arts instruction to children as a part of public education, foster community engagement through vibrant cultural spaces in reach of all localities, and protect the right to freedom of expression and artistic autonomy.

Establish Legal Care for All

Establish a public single payer legal care insurance for all, covering the expense of personal criminal and civil legal representation so people can defend against discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, wage theft, and more with their choice of legal representation.

A Responsible Foreign Policy to Secure Freedom Against the Threats of Pandemics, Climate Change, Nuclear War, Theocracy, and Anti-Democratic Nationalism

We cannot secure our own freedoms and prosperity unless we join with other nations to contain pandemic outbreaks, combat climate change with an international Green New Deal, halt nuclear proliferation and massively reduce nuclear arsenals, and give global support to bolster household, social, and political freedom against the threats of religious intolerance and anti-democratic nationalism.

Finance All the Above by Shifting the Burden of Taxation onto Those Most Able to Pay

We can finance all the public investments needed to secure our social rights with highly graduated income and wealth taxes paid first by the top 1% and extending down to the highest 10% of income and wealth. No federal income or wealth taxes need be levied on the bottom 90% of income and wealth.