What use are our rights if we allow our planet to become an unhealthy and unsafe environment? We have an obligation to curb activities that are damaging the planet, threatening our health, and changing our climate for the worse. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and all future generations to keep our planet as livable as possible.

Promoting Green Energy

We must act now and use market incentives and public works to combat global warming and ensure a livable planet for future generations. We do this by using incentives to shift private investment from carbon-based non-renewable energy industries to a domestic green energy industry second to none. We can reduce reliance on these energy sources and develop clean energy replacements. The fossil fuel industry must be given a firm deadline by which it must transition to green energy production. First, we must ban all fossil fuel exploration. Secondly, we must end all production of appliances and vehicles that are unable to use renewable energy. Thirdly, we must require all service stations to switch to 100% biofuels and electric battery recharging and swaps, and replace all fossil fuel power generation with green energy production. We should strive to implement these measures by 2030.

Green energy jobs are here now and growing by the millions. They are available at every skill level for people in all age groups. We must support this expanding industry, which can become the backbone of our communities by rebuilding the energy sector in areas that need it most.

The Federal Job Guarantee will play a key role in the transition from fossil fuel consumption and production to fully green economy. First, the Federal Job Guarantee will ensure that we can end fossil fuel consumption and production without endangering anyone's livelihood. Everyone employed in the fossil fuel industries that must be shut down will have a guaranteed job at fair wages awaiting them. Secondly, the Federal Job Guarantee can put people to work constructing an improved public green infrastructure across the country.

Protecting the Environment

We need to take proactive public measures to halt our massive pollution of the air, land, and seas, and to diminish the accelerating mass extinctions of plant and animal life that put our present and future well being in peril.

Laws must be enacted to prohibit all non-biodegradable packaging. We must strengthen pollution restrictions and devote adequate resources to clean up the dangerous wastes we have allowed to degrade our land and waterways. This includes mobilizing sufficient funds to further research into how we should dispose of nuclear wastes and to implement the solutions to which that research points.

We must ensure that agribusiness does not rob us of the variety of plants and animals we need to make our food supplies resilient against pests and disease. We need public repositories of plant and animal breeds to safeguard our future sustenance. Moreover, we must take the initiative in combatting the huge destructions of insect, bat, and bird populations that threaten our agriculture and health. This includes upholding the Bird Migratory Treaty Act and requiring new construction to use bird safe glass to avert the billion annual bird deaths due to window collisions.

If we act now with responsible determination, we can avert a climate catastrophe and maintain the diversity of plant and animal life on which humanity depends.